Western Hemisphere Marathon, Culver City, CA

Here is an update, sad as can be, to a previous blogpost from 2019

It is with mixed emotions that I write this, on the spur of the moment, but straight from my heart. My runner, my protege, Adan, called me this morning with sad news. I am grateful, however, because how else would I have known? There is a a monument for the start/finish line of the historical Western Hemisphere Marathon, at the corner of Overland Ave. and Culver Blvd. in front of the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Culver City. It has been vandalized by common thieves for it’s metal. Destroyed. What a sad day. Because Adan investigated, there are park staff who are interested in its restoration, so there is hope. I’m reaching out to find others who may be able to help. I’m sure Syd Kronenthal (long time race director) is turning in his grave.

My thoughts turn to Mike Fanelli, whose memorial was just days ago. He gave me a historical program containing the WHM course map and story at its origin (photo attached). There were four women’s world records on this course, Cheryl (Bridges) Treworgy, Miki Gorman, mine, and the first woman finisher at WHM, Merry Lepper. (I have photos of Cheryl and Miki with me on that course.) Many of my friends knew the marathon in the peak of its existence. It’s a sad day indeed. What is happening in this city?!

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